Can You Overdose On Skincare?

During the global pandemic, COVID-19 has made our health a top priority and concern. It also led a lot of us to have a lot of spare time in our hands to work on our personal needs and one of them being our skincare. There are many different benefits for skincare: anti-aging, skin preservation, skin confidence, the prevalence of “self-care,” and so much more! With Korean beauty on the rise, skincare has become a necessity for women… and men.

According to Dr. Geddes-Bruce, just because a product is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s going to be great for your skin, and there are certain OTC products on the market that are truly operating on false claims.

If skincare products are so good for us, is it possible to “overdose” on them?

You can definitely “overdose” on skincare products. In the skincare business, there are lots of products out there being recommended. But as a consumer, it’s very difficult to tell what’s really good and beneficial for you when those sales assistants are just spewing positive reviews directly in our faces.

Are there particular OTC products out there that you think are too harsh/extreme/dangerous?

There’s not one product that comes to mind as dangerous, but there are a few natural home remedies for skincare that I’ve seen go waywrong. For example, bad burns with subsequent skin darkening from apple cider vinegar (also known as acetic acid), and raw garlic applied to the skin. There have been cases where red itchy rashes occurred from coconut oil. Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s safe, or that you can’t develop an allergy to it. Poison ivy and arsenic are natural, and look how much damage they can cause.

In your professional opinion, what’s the bare minimum face care routine a person should be doing daily?

Everyone’s skin is different and unique (which is why a regimen should be tailored to your specific needs). Most individuals need at least a basic routine of cleansing twice daily, applying a light moisturizer when dry, and protecting with sunscreen. That being said there are some pretty lucky women with flawless skin who do absolutely nothing – they routinely fall asleep in their make up and just rinse their skin with plain tap water. But a majority of us didn’t win that genetic lottery.

Is there one product category you think most people should throw out of their medicine cabinet?

Anything that promises to shrink pores, get rid of stretch marks or erase cellulite. We just haven’t developed topical skincare products that can reliably do any of those things.

Anything else we should know?

Simplicity is the best and natural way to keep things consistent, especially your skincare routine, and that’s when you’ll see results. Don’t try to add to much to your daily regimen too quickly. Once you’ve got the basics down then you can introduce a new product. Doing so in a stepwise fashion will make it much less likely to “overdose”!

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