The BTS Meal!

Are our boys just getting more and more popular or what? I mean who can resist that sexy, charismatic Namjoon charm, or that bright Hobi sunshine?

Our seven talented boys are rising and soaring high more than ever into international stardom, just like their top songs Boy With Luv, Dynamite, and Butter.

The BTS Meal has hit McDonald’s locations in Toronto on its world tour, and fans are eagerly snapping it up and snapping photos of its photogenic packaging for social media.

Introduced to Canada on May 26, the meal is basically a 10-piece chicken nugget meal which comes with friends and a drink, but with special edition Cajun and sweet chili sauces. Also, the meal doesn’t come in ordinary red and yellow McDonald’s packaging, but instead is packaged in a cute purple. The packaging might even be more sought after than the specialty sauces.

Either it’s luck or a limited supply, as it seems some people only received some of the special packaging with the meal, others not at all.

Someone even created their own BTS gachapon machines dispensing capsule items, which they said on social media they’d move around the city. Inside the capsules are trinkets like keychains and pins.

You can always try double-checking with the McDonald’s location nearest you to see if they have the packaging to avoid disappointment.

Not many people see to be talking about how the sauces actually taste, but everyone can agree they look just as pretty as the rest of the packaging.

The BTS Meal also debuted on its “tour” in several other countries on May 26, including the United States, the Dominican Republic, Austria, Brazil, Colombia and Malaysia.

The meal will be available in Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, UAE, the Philippines, Latvia, Morocco, El Salvador and Puerto Rico as well as plenty of other countries over the course of the summer.

So what do you all think of the limited time BTS Meal? Who do you think BTS would collab with next? Let us know in the comments below!

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