How to Plan the Ultimate Road Trip

As the world is more prepared for COVID and summer is approaching faster than ever, the idea of a “summer getaway” is probably on everyone’s mind right now.

The restoration, discovery, and reflection that travel imparts in all of us is tough to replace, but hitting pause on trips also tends to fuel dreams about our future adventures.

The classic American road trip has had a resurgence in recent months. Road trips might not be as magical as soaring above cities through an airplane, but with some good planning and preparations, we can help you plan that dream road trip you’ve likely been mulling over.

Map it out

Where have you been dreaming of visiting? If you want to get the most out of your road trip, it’s important to start by looking over your bucket list, and finding a route that’s both drive-able and efficient. Travel guides and Pinterest are a great place to start for getting ideas, but don’t forget to leave some from for relaxation in your itinerary too.

Pick your stops

Once you have your route, however, you will need to pick out your stays along the way. You’ll want to check out hotels, airbnbs, campsites, and RV parks in your major stops, plus make some restaurant or activity reservations, if needed, along the way.

Download some entertainment

Downloading podcasts or audiobooks can help for the long drive. You can also make playlists for different legs of your journey, that you can stay focused on the road once you’re on your way.

Get your bags together

Having a good bag and some packing cubes is a necessity. Packing cubes because you can easily move your cubes from the suitcase or duffle into hotel drawers (or RV drawers). They are great for kids too since they know where to find things every morning. Plus, don’t forget other smaller bags or coolers you might need along the way.

Make your packing list

Even though you won’t be weighing your bag at an airport, the same rules of efficient packing still apply for road trips. Don’t overpack and aim for for comfort and efficiency in your wardrobe and accessories.

Shoes are a key element here, since you want to be able to stop the car at a moments notice to hike or take pictures. Depending on your trip, you may need water shoes, trail shoes, or simply just comfy shoes you can wear for hours and hours. And you’ll always need more socks!

Make your must-haves list

Similar to your carry-on bag on the plane, there are always a few essentials you’ll need on hand when traveling.

For example: chargers, camera, computer, face masks, etc.

Pack a cooler and any extra outdoor gear

Don’t forget to have snacks and water on hand, and make sure you have a good cooler for any items that need to stay cold. Even though you’ll probably stop for food along the way, there’s no harm in being prepared for long stretches on the road.

Go with the flow

Plan as much as you can, and then realize that lots of things are going to blow your plan to bits and that’s okay too- it’s an adventure!

Hope this tips help you get started on that dream road trip of yours! If you have anymore you want to share, feel free to comment below!

Xoxo, Messycafe.

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