Here Are 23 Ways to Make the Most of July

It feels like just yesterday that I packed up and headed to Vancouver to spend on a west coast adventure with my family up in Canada. I truly can’t believe how quickly one year has flew by, but I’m determined to make July just as epic. Through all the rock bottoms that I have faced these past months, I have managed to steadily rise back up again. I’m guaranteed to start my summer on the right foot and so I’ve been brainstorming things to do in July to keep myself entertained, solo — loving, trusting, and prioritizing myself first.

As easy as it is to start thinking about my August to-do list and heading back to reality, I’m doing my best to stay present and soak up the last full month of summer.

If you’re like me and wondering what to do in July to make it count, this list is for you. Whether you have perfect weather and want to stay outside all day, or can’t be outside for more than five minutes without breaking a sweat, we’ve got you covered. Check off items like a bucket list, use to inspire your own ideas, take some and leave some–whatever your strategy, here is the ultimate list of things to do in July.

Celebrate national ice cream month.

What better way to cool down than with ice cream? Organize a taste test of the best vanilla ice creams from the grocery store, try out one of these healthy ice cream recipes, or just grab a spoon and a pint and celebrate by yourself.

Try out Meatless Mondays.

Whether you’re too hot to even think about meat, or just want to try something new, incorporating Meatless Mondays into July can be a fun opportunity to try some new recipes. I personally love a light, meatless meal in the summertime, like these protein packed vegetarian recipes.

Bake your favorite seasonal treat and do a blind taste test with your friends.

If you want to test your taste buds and challenge yourself or your friends, you can try your hands on a blind taste test and see how much you know your different kinds of food. Have some friends over, bake a few of your favorite sweets, and have everyone vote on their favorites. You can also do a blind taste test with something store bought and something homemade to see if you can really taste a difference. 

Reimagine your patio for summer fun.

Sometimes just turning around your outdoor table or flipping your couch to face a different direction can make space feel brand new. No change is too small, and no space is too small to make the most of patio season. 

Try Face Yoga.

Who doesn’t love a day of relaxation and a spa day?

Not only does it feel good but face yoga also helps to lift and firm the muscles under the skin, which smooths lines and wrinkles. Massage helps to boost circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and release tension. Acupressure techniques boost circulation and relieve stress, which can aid in preventing headaches, releasing sinuses, and enhancing the quality of your sleep.

You’re only given one body for the rest of your life so taking good care of yourself is one of the many ways to a healthier and happier. Prioritizing yourself means you got to treat yourself from time to time.

Re-Read your favorite book.

While I’m all about trying and reading new things, sometimes there’s nothing more comforting than rereading your favorite books. There’s no pressure to focus too hard, no big commitments to make, just pure pleasure.

Have a 90’s movie marathon when it’s too hot outside.

Let’s face it: even though summers should be spent outside, sometimes it is just too damn hot. Invite your friends over or cozy up in bed and have a 90’s movie marathon to escape the heat and relax. 

Clean out your closet.

If you’re looking for productive things to do in July, I suggest cleaning out your closet. I know you probably feel like you just finished spring cleaning, but now is the perfect time to throw out the summer clothes from last season that you never ended up wearing this year. And, you can reorganize to make room for the upcoming summer sales.

Try out a new hairstyle.

Summer is a great time to experiment with new looks like that perfect summer-y, beach-y waves you’ve been dying to try out!

Plan a road trip.

The best part about road trips is that you barely need to plan in advance, especially if you’re on taking a day trip, so you have no excuse not to. Check out out our tips on how to plan the ultimate road trip.

Have an intentional date night.

If you’re looking for things to do in July with your partner or significant other, July is the perfect time to get your romance on and spend time with each other after a long year’s worth of working hard.

Make a dessert with strawberries.

Take advantage of strawberry season! Strawberries are sweet enough to be a delicious dessert on their own, but you can get creative by adding strawberries to dessert recipes.


Who doesn’t like stargazing?

Go stargazing on vacation, while camping out, or in your backyard. Download a free app like SkyView Lite to identify all of the stars and constellations you find. Keep your eyes peeled for shooting stars, too.

Take a family bike ride.

Biking and hiking are two of my favorite outdoor adventures! Going on hike/bike journeys are not only exciting but memorable, a great family bonding experience. Plus, you can pack a picnic and stop somewhere scenic for lunch along the way.

Find a local farmer’s market and cook dinner with only what you buy.

If you’re wondering what to do in July with all of summer’s finest foods, you can support local vendors by heading over to your nearest farmers market and try to make a meal with only what you find.

Go to a baseball game.

Nothing screams summer quite like baseball and hot dogs. Although I’m not a baseball fan, at least go to a Dodger’s game once and experience the thrill for yourself and feel the energy of the game. Plus, most sporting events are back to full capacity.

Spruce up your at-home garden (or start one).

Gardening is a great way to spend some time in the sun. Plant something new if you already have a garden going, or finally start one if you haven’t yet. You never know, maybe gardening will become your new hobby over the summer!

Binge watch a limited series.

This July, take a day to just do nothing and binge one of summer’s best shows — Cruel Summer, Mare of Easttown, and Spinning Out, and they are all only one season, perfect for binging.

Go night swimming.

Some of the best childhood memories involve family night swims in your clothes at the lake. Take the leap (literally) and night swim at home this July. If you don’t have a pool or water nearby, daydream about these plunge-worthy pools.

Read Nine Perfect Strangers in time for the TV release date in August.

If you have yet to read Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty, July is the perfect time to do it. A limited series based on the show will be released on August 18th, so get to reading before you watch it!

Cook a meal entirely outside.

Bask in the glorious sunshine (of course with sunscreen)! Even if you’re not a grill master, you can still cook a delicious meal outside. If you can stand the heat and mosquitos long enough, set a pretty table and enjoy the meal outdoors as well.

Get your steps in.

Commit to walking every weekday in July, shoot for 10,000 steps a day, or simply stroll around your neighborhood. You can also find and take a hike nearby, going on an adventure by yourself or with friends!


Use the month of July to catch up on rest before summer is over. Try taking naps, shoot for eight hours of sleep every night, or try out new sleeping products.

Hope these 23 things will keep you pretty occupied and have a productive and fun-filled entertaining summer! What do you have planned for July?

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