How To Lift, Support & Tighten Neck Skin

Here’s how and plus 5 derm-backed products to help — uplifting news.

One of many skincare adages that forever echos as you slather on SPF — you can do as much as you want to your face, but your neck and hands will always give away your age. And with that, smear one more dollop of mineral sunscreen along your neck and décolletage before heading out for the day, like the area around our eyes, the skin on our necks is thinner than the skin on our face but rarely gets as much TLC, despite being exposed to all the same elements. Fortunately, our quest to discover how to tighten neck skin uncovered a myriad of solutions, from at-home tools and easy exercises to proven professional treatments.

Bottom line — the neck skin, just like all skin, will age. The fight against ageism, particularly as it pertains to women will hopefully only become stronger and more impactful with time, but it’s perfectly OK to want to do what you can to maintain a youthful look for as long as Father Time and your genetics will let you. And as always, if something about your appearance bothers you, it’s also OK to seek a solution. We live in an era of incredible beauty breakthroughs after all.

For a professional primer on how to tighten or prevent crepey neck skin, we did the research for you so keep reading for our favorite products, peels, face masks, and treatments to care for the delicate skin on our necks, as well as their tips and preventative measures for keeping things taut.

What apart from age causes your neck skin to sag?

Unlike natural aging, premature aging can be caused by harmful UV rays, damaging free radicals and tobacco smoke, which has more than 4,000 chemicals that can trigger the destruction of elastin and collagen. Additionally, most people stop their product application at the chin, when your application should always be face, neck, and chest.

What preventive measures can you take to keep neck skin from sagging?

First and foremost, we all want to stress the importance of applying sun protection daily. A few more measures you can take include:

  • Avoiding tobacco products and secondhand smoke
  • Eating a balanced, low glycemic diet
  • Prioritizing sleep and stress management
  • Practicing good posture to prevent “tech neck”
  • Making aerobic exercise part of your daily routine
  • If you must look at your phone when you’re in bed, do so while lying on your side.

Lastly, the best preventative measure is starting to care and treat the neck now. Most of my clients wait until they notice a drastic change in the texture and elasticity of the neck, typically around their mid-40s, but it’s always best to start caring for the neck early on.

Do exercises really help tighten neck skin?

With methods like gua sha and facial massage becoming more mainstream for their ability to sculpt and stimulate collagen production, we asked our experts if there was a similar technique to tighten the neck.

My favorite exercise is done manually using a pinching motion with my fingertips. Start at the nape of the neck and pinch your way up, following the natural curvature of the neck, toward the ear and jawline using a firming and plumping serum such as a hyaluronic acid or peptide serum.

What at home beauty tools and peels can tighten neck skin?

LYMA Laser Starter Kit

The LYMA laser at-home device helps to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. LYMA Laser is a deeply bio-stimulating infra-red (near invisible) medical-grade, continuous output laser operating at 500mW of power at the 808nm wavelength. This precise specification ensures the laser not only is able to reach the deepest layers of the skin, but also the fat and muscle tissue underneath with sufficient power to stimulate skin regeneration helping to firm the neck area.

PCA Skin Micro Peel At-Home Kit

This kit features PCA Skin’s professional-grade enzymatic treatment to strengthen and smooth the skin’s texture and helps to prevent and improve signs of aging on the face and neck areas with powerful antioxidants.

What products and creams are best for tightening neck skin?

While in-office treatments like Ulthatherapy, dermal filler have become popular for treating the neck area, great skin always starts at home.

You can spend a lot of money on treatments in a clinic but, when it comes to the neck and décolletage, we firmly believe that using good home skincare, twice a day, seven days a week, trumps any in-clinic treatment. And yes, you can turn back the clock and undo the damage if you have a good, regular regimen.

As for whether or not it’s necessary to apply product to your neck in an upwards motion, the consensus was that it’s not mandatory, but it can’t hurt in the long run. It likely won’t have much of a short-term effect, but repetitively pulling the skin downwards over time when applying products may have a negative effect. We are already aging from the daily force of gravity, why add to it?

Biologique Recherche Platysma Anti-Ptosis Chin and Neck Mask

One of our favorite at-home products — its unique shape stretches across the area under the chin and upper neck. Platysma combines the benefits of an anti-gravity and anti-Orosia mask in a single step. The supportive mechanical action combined with firming active ingredients is similar to a massage to help tighten skin.

Biologique Recherche Créme ADN Metamorphique Firming Cream

This cream has exceptional firming care and combats ptosis by restructuring the natural contours of the face and neck. Thanks to its tightening action, this cream creates a real ‘lifting effect’ to help restore the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Skin appears tighter and plump, and its protective ingredients protect the skin from signs of aging.

Macrene Actives High Performance Neck and Décolletage Treatment

This formulated Neck and Décolletage Treatment used specific, encapsulated hyaluronic acid so that it goes into the skin and doesn’t just ‘sit’ on it, putting filler into the skin, to really plump it up, but doing so every day.

Can retinol tighten neck skin?

Retinol (also known as vitamin A) is an anti-aging superhero, and should be a part of any solid skincare routine starting as early as your mid-20s.

Its anti-aging benefits are spectacular because as we age, our skin cell production starts to slow down decreasing tautness and causing textural issues. Retinols promote skin cell turnover, thus preventing the skin from getting lazy while keeping it active to boost the building blocks of the skin.

As always, when getting started with retinol, it’s important to start slow and watch for skin irritation as you ramp up your usage. Here are a few recommended retinol-infused creams to get you started.

What are the best treatments for neck skin tightening?

The best non-invasive in-office treatments for tightening neck skin include radiofrequency microneedling and biostimulatory filler injections. Both, especially when done in combination, can give lovely results for the right candidate. Resurfacing lasers can help as well. And, of course, the absolute best way to tighten neck skin is a surgical lift.

On the laser front, some recommendations that has no-pain, no-downtime options like Genesis, ClearLift or NIR (near infrared). If your sagging is farther gone, ask your doctor about Profound, an injectable laser that delivers radio frequency into your skin via hair-fine needles. For neck bands, Botox is go-to. It is important to note, however, that these treatments do not provide permanent results.

It’s important to care for your neck because the skin on your neck can be thinner and more sensitive than the skin on your face. Thin skin has less hair follicles, so it’s more prone to showing signs of aging and sun damage, hopefully this post and our favorite products above will allow you to be more cautious and protect your neck skin even more now.

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