Is This Anti-Aging Product a Part of Your Daily Skincare Routine?

It’s more important now than ever.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s no magic secret to eternal youth. While nutrient-dense, longevity-promoting foods can keep us strong and energized the longer we live, freezing ourselves in time just isn’t in the cards. What is? Aging with grace, and the secret there, dear readers, is the best anti-aging sunscreens.

Okay, there’s more to it than products alone. The mundane advice rings true: drink water, get a good night’s rest, and continue to seek inspiration wherever life takes you. There it is, as unglamorous as it may sound. But there’s hope yet. For a satisfying, mini miracle in the form of visible results, we’re writing today to uncover the anti-aging power of sunscreen. Keep scrolling for all you need to know about the superpowers of SPF, and its ability to protect premature moisture loss, preserve collagen levels, prevent hyperpigmentation, and more. Plus, the 11 best anti-aging sunscreens money can buy.

For those of you who weren’t always the sunscreen devotee, let us tell you that the one extra step and effort you put into your skincare can be the difference to glowing, youthful, and bright skin — don’t sabotage your skin. Skipping sunscreen doesn’t do you any favors and you’re more prone to acne and hyperpigmentation. From chemical sunscreens, physical sunscreens, to tinted sunscreens, there’s all different kinds of sunscreens to try but rule out the ones that leaves a white cast, and keep the ones that felt like serums.

Sunscreen doesn’t have to be boring. Like any part of your routine, discovering the right one for your skincare goals can change everything. If you’re looking to prevent or reverse signs of photoaging, pick a sunscreen with ingredients that work together to shield and repair your skin. Opt for ingredients that increase collagen turnover, smooth fine lines, and fade hyperpigmentation. That way, you can prevent further sun damage while aging backward, which is as close to a fountain of youth as you’re going to get.

What causes visible aging?

As we get older, our body’s collagen production slows down, making it harder for our skin to repair itself. This causes fine lines while making your skin lose firmness and hydration. In addition to natural moisture loss, UV rays are a major factor in aging. Years of direct sun exposure eventually cause sunspots and hyperpigmentation.

Does sunscreen prevent aging?

Once our collagen production slows, it’s all about protecting what we have left. The bad news is that the exposure kills our precious reserves of collagen. When you wear sunscreen, you create a barrier between you and UV rays, preventing hyperpigmentation and premature moisture loss.

What sunscreen is best for anti-aging?

The best sunscreen is the sunscreen you’ll wear. (Read that again.) Find a suncare product that fits into your routine so you know you’ll actually use it. To boost your anti-aging strats, choose a sunscreen with ingredients that also help reduce signs of aging. Opt for nourishing ingredients that keep the moisture in your skin, and actives that work with collagen to increase cell turnover.

Read on to discover some of the best anti-aging sunscreens to level up your routine, fade fine lines, and smooth texture.

iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50 Plus

If you’re looking for an all-round, A-grade SPF, there’s no better choice than this iS clinical moisturizer. As a mineral sunscreen, it uses Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide to naturally filter UV rays, while Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and delivers intense moisture.

MDSolarSciences Daily Perfecting Moisturizer

This all-in-one skin perfector is a triple threat, functioning as a serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Instead of adding another product to your repertoire, this multitasking solution packs in all the anti-aging ingredients you need. SPF is combined with antioxidants, botanicals, and peptides from vitamin C, green tea, seaweed, and caffeine. It also includes niacinamide to even skin tone, and the trademarked SolSci-X to fight free radical damage.

Paula’s Choice Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense

Paula’s Choice uses formulas based on science to supercharge your skincare routine. Perfect for sensitive or acne-prone skin, this lightweight daily SPF smoothes fine lines while calming irritation and alleviating redness.

SkinMedica Total Defense + Repair SPF 34

This SPF doesn’t just repair the damage already done to your skin, but it also supports your skin’s ability to restore itself. Its advanced antioxidant complex prevents premature aging from chronic exposure to infrared.

Dr. Loretta Urban Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 40

UV damage is a major cause of aging, but so is urban pollution. This antioxidant-rich formula blocks damaging sun rays while guarding against all three types of free radicals caused by pollution and UV radiation.

VI Derm SPF 50 Daily UV Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

This VI Derm SPF also fights pollution and environmental damage. It combines intense hydrating factors with active ingredients that roll back both sun and environmental damage.

Supergoop! Play Antioxidant Body Mist SPF 30 with Vitamin C

When it comes to applying sunscreen, don’t stop at your face. This antioxidant mist hydrates and protects your whole body with a lightweight shield that’s never sticky. It’s water-resistant and durable through sweat, making it the perfect everyday companion.

SKINCEUTICALS Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

This physical fusion SPF serum does double duty to even and protect skin. The sheer, lightweight texture adapts to any skin tone while boosting radiance for a clearer complexion.

Acute Radically Rejuvenating SPF Day Cream

This rejuvenating SPF also contains a power combo of turmeric, ferulic acid, and vitamin C for an instantly brighter glow.

Neutrogena Triple Age Repair Moisturizer with SPF 25

This drugstore favorite is humble but mighty. The signature smooth Neutrogena moisturizing formula is fortified by SPF for a non-greasy moisturizer you need in your arsenal.

Barbara Sturm Sun Drops

For an extra luxe SPF experience, splurge on the Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops. These combine the efficacy of a highly potent serum with the protective elements you need in an SPF. The active complex of cassia extract, vitamin E, and beta-glucan slows the development of wrinkled, prematurely aged skin while preventing facial brown spots and skin discoloration caused by UV rays.

Hope our sunscreen list will get you started on your journey to youthful looking skin, get ready for the ultimate anti-aging glow-up! Are there anti-aging sunscreens you swear by?

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