Tips To Move Past Nervousness & Access Peace In Your Everyday Life

You are more than what you think.

There’s more anxiety, confusion, and discontent in the world than perhaps ever before. Additionally, with people’s attention spans where they are, and with most of us getting our information and seeking answers in the news and social media, but these real treasures, buried in dense books and texts that are not part of the news cycle, would pass most everyone by and we just couldn’t let that happen.

From supportive supplements to a glowing green smoothie, we’ve done our research across the spectrum of health and wellness for years, both physical and spiritual. So, we were hardly surprised when we learned that you are more than what you think. Keep scrolling for more inspiring words of wisdom, and how to move past nervousness and access peace and calm in your everyday life.

It’s not about “getting” any of these qualities, or enlightenment, but discovering that you already are them, and letting them come forward.

Moving past nervousness.

Nervousness is the disease of civilization. And this was decades before the current anxiety epidemic of modern society. It’s very depleting to overload your nerves by constantly reacting to stimuli in the outside world all day, every day, which is loud, erratic, insane, and grabbing for your attention. If you put too much attention into the ever-shifting outer world, your energy accordingly becomes ever-shifting and restless. You become like the lake with rocks tossed into it, day in and day out.

Your sympathetic nervous systems starts to go into overdrive, signaling to your adrenals to fire up, go into fight-or-flight mode, and secrete stress hormones like cortisol. Your body gets further imbalanced and inflamed, as this should not be your normal resting state. Uneasiness, confusion, and restlessness abound. These are all signs that you are definitely veering off the enlightenment path.

Instead, when you are calm, your energy can flow back into your central nervous system in your spine. Like an electrical circuit, when you turn your energy back in, it doesn’t get depleted or used up. Instead, it builds in capacity. And that energy can be used to perceive new breakthrough solutions and ideas, as well as boost your vitality. We become shepherds over our own energy, carefully pointing it in the right direction. The more we stay peaceful, the less we become agitated by what’s going on outside of ourselves, positive or negative, and our overactive minds start to settle down.

The center of anything is where things are most stable. It’s a place of concentrated force, a place of strength. It is the place of pure potentiality where anything is possible. Just like the sun, which beams its powerful light and heat in all directions, it is from your peaceful center that the presence and energy of the True self radiates, be like the sun, and shine forth.

Practical tips for accessing peace in your life:

Make up your mind to be peaceful.

It may sound basic, but intention is everything. First, you have to make a clear decision about what you want to create in your life. To find your center. Make up your mind to be calm no matter what happens. Don’t worry, the “no matter what happens” part is a work in progress for all of us, because to be honest, a lot of things can still make me feel less than calm, but progress is progress. And what’s important is committing to this intention. Right now, just decide to be calm as much as possible. You can even use the phrase “be peace” as a mantra you can say throughout the day.

Stay centered and surrendered.

Spiritually speaking, trust means that if you do your best right now in the present moment, your life will unfold as it is meant to. Don’t be assailed by past and future, and be mindfully present moment to moment in your life, without attachment to the outcome of your actions. Life is ever-changing, but if you can show up in the now and just be, you will feel free no matter what happens. In this way, trust helps you to stay less attached to things having to be a certain way. So stay present, which is where your power is rooted.

Take notice of how powerful you feel when you are being calm and in your center.

Sometimes we flit about our day without noticing what we are feeling. Today, pay attention to your body and how it feels during the day. Maybe traffic makes your heart race, or you notice a tightness in your shoulders before a scheduled Zoom call with your boss. Pay attention. You don’t have to write anything down. Just take notice. It’s like tuning in to more awareness about how certain foods make you feel after you eat them. Also, notice how your body feels when you are mentally peaceful. In this case, your goal is to become more aware of your states of being as you move through your day.

Speak kindly.

Another major cause of nervousness is unkind speech. Never gossip or talk against others. The more you get too entangled in the drama of daily life, the more you get distracted from focusing on
your center.

So, worry less and comment less on what other people are doing. It just takes away from your power when you focus on it. It’s yet another way to distort your attention and energy. Consciously avoid gossip magazines, angry news websites, and negative conversations from your life, and notice how much clearer you start to feel. Kindness is a beautiful quality that will help you feel centered.

Batch your time spent on media and social media into pockets of defined times.

It could be, say, from 8–8:30 a.m., midday at 12–12:30, and at 6–7:00 p.m. It’s up to you. Decide the times you are going to go in and explore. The rest of the time you stay off of it. That way, you have space to go back to your center during the day instead of continually having alerts going off that interrupt your flow to show you what’s going on with everybody else’s lives. It’s great to connect with the community, but you can do it in a more deliberate way that allows you to know what’s going on out there when you need to, and yet stay calm and centered within.

Schedule less so you have more downtime.

Packing so much into each day that we’re constantly running from one thing to the next is not conducive to calmness, and it’s conducive to anxiety. Ironically, you will be more productive as you slow down because you can put more of your full energy into one thing at a time, with gaps to recenter yourself.

We’ve all experienced this or something similar — you are running late for a meeting, and you look all around for your car keys. You start to panic a little and start looking in the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom. You don’t find them, and start to panic a little more and go back and look in the same places again because maybe you missed something.

Finally, you come to a stop, take a breath, and whisper a short prayer to yourself: Please help me find these freakin’ keys, or I’m going to explode! Something in you suggests that your keys are in your pocket. And so they are. Turns out, a touch of stillness in the midst of your little freak-out is where you found what you were looking for.

Now that you have discovered you embody attributes that give you a lot of power to enact change and create a blissful, exciting, deeply fulfilling and epic life by learning to access these qualities, we hope you’ve found this post beneficial on overcoming anxiety, finding our the real jewels of these teachings, which are not only useful but truly life-changing.

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