13 Mood Boosters To Help You Feel Better In An Instant

Use in case of emergency.

We’re always on a constant, ever-evolving search for the best mood boosters that’ll immediately pull us out of a funk. Because here’s the thing about feeling down, it can happen in an instant. One moment, you’re taking a hot girl walk, feeling your best… but the next? Negative energy sweeps you away. Don’t get us wrong — we can’t be happy all the time, nor should that be the goal. But feeling down doesn’t feel great. So to reconnect with the lighter side of life, we made a list of our go-to, tried-and-true mood boosters.

Remember — there’s zero shame in finding yourself in a funk or a rut every now and then, it happens to us all. The important thing is to find a few proactive things you can do to help lift yourself out of it quickly and turn your mood around.

If you’re craving a good old belly laugh or simply need a break from the headlines, the 13 mood boosters below are guaranteed to do the trick. Keep scrolling for the practices, routines, rituals, and indulgences that’ll help you out on the regular, preventing my funks from lasting too long and quickly propelling you back to your happier, more joyful self!

1: Journal those feelings.

When you’re feeling down, it’s tempting to want to distract yourself from those negative emotions by scrolling through social media or finding a show on Netflix in hopes of numbing them out. But the truth is, this rarely works to truly lift my spirits. When you finish the binge session, your funk is usually still there. Instead, find a journal you love and take a few minutes to write down your thoughts. Allow yourself to openly and honestly express your feelings, move through them, and get to the bottom of why you’re feeling that way.

Releasing those negative emotions onto the page and closing them away inside your journal gives your feelings the attention and expression they deserve. Plus, the practice frees up your mind from continuing to mull them over. Negative energy now released, your mind can approach the rest of your day with positivity! Don’t forget to keep that journal in your purse so that you can boost your mood wherever you are.

2: Plan something to look forward to.

Having a fun carrot dangling in my calendar makes a huge difference in my ability to power through the harder moments and days. Don’t you realize that your funks are often getting a little lulled into boredom by the rhythms of normal weekly life responsibilities: work, meal planning, grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, parenting? You stay so busy with the everyday that you often forget to take the time to pencil in any fun additions to my calendar to get excited about. Alternatively, the second you schedule in a drink out with your partner or friends, or a walk around the lake with a friend, your mood is entirely different! Even looking forward to it brings a sense of joyful anticipation.

So, whether it’s happy hour with your girlfriends, a date night with your partner, a special outing with your kids, or an exciting vacation in six months, plan something fun that you’ll look forward to, and put it on your calendar, stat!

3: Treat yourself to flowers.

It’s widely known that having plants in your space reduces stress levels and serves as one of the ultimate mood boosters. So, head over to your favorite flower shop or grocery store and pick out some flowers that bring a smile to your face. My personal positive mood-inducing color palette? Anything yellow or white with a mix of greenery. On a budget? Baby’s breath (a.k.a. Gypsophila) is super affordable, goes a long way, and on its own adds a sweet, whimsical touch to any space. Back at your home or office, take the time to trim your flowers, break them up into a number of small vases and display them where you’ll see them often. We’re all about a guilt-free purchase that keeps on giving, and flowers are an all-around winner — no buyer’s remorse here!

4: Tidy one small space.

Outer order leads to inner calm, and inner calm absolutely translates to a better mood. So for a quick pick-me-up, choose one small space, maybe it’s your desk or the top drawer of your vanity, and tidy it completely. The satisfaction you’ll feel by completing a small, manageable project from start to finish and being able to find things a little more easily will propel you forward with renewed energy.

5: Get out in nature.

Find a spot where you can step outside, breathe some fresh air and have a view of nature. It doesn’t have to be anything special, but there’s something about simply seeing leaves rustle, hearing the wind blow, or watching a bee move from flower to flower that slows you down, calms the mind, and makes you feel part of a bigger, beautiful picture. Suddenly, those worries feel a little smaller and your mood is lifted. Mother Nature, she’s pretty magical!

6: Do some deep breathing.

There’s this little exercise that’s meant primarily to encourage mindfulness in children, but why not for adults, too? It’s called the Take Five Exercise, 5-Finger Breathing, the “Starfish Practice,” or just plain old hand-tracing breathing. Regardless of the name, it’s a fantastic practice that will lift your mood quickly and effectively by flooding your blood with oxygen, calming your thoughts, and allowing you to be present where you are. Using your index finger, simply trace around your opposite hand’s fingers slowly as you breathe in and out. On the in-breath, trace up the outside of your pinky finger. On the out-breath, trace down the other side. Repeat for the next four fingers. If you enjoy it, go wild and repeat to your heart’s content!

7: Put yourself on a 24-hour social media fast.

For 24 hours, do. not. touch. your social media. Even the most self-assured of us are susceptible to the negative effects of the online comparison game, so let’s experiment with eliminating any opportunity for it. Pick a start and stop time and notice where the extra time you find in the in-between moments takes you. Pay attention to where your mind goes, what you find yourself wanting to do, and how you start to feel. If you’re anything like me, missing those little updates on your friends that made you crave social connection, encouraging you to call someone and have a few lovely, truly connecting conversations. And as we all know, true social connections and deep relationships are one of the best mood boosters around.

8: Learn something new.

Life-long learners, unite! You don’t have to be in school to immerse yourself in a new subject or discover a topic that transforms your worldview. We all that friend, who, every spring, welcomes in the season of growth and opportunity by identifying one thing she wants to learn more about. From there, she dives in head-first, obsessing over every angle of her self-designed course. The process of brainstorming what you want to become an expert in can be both energizing and inspiring. Trust me, even if you’d rather not relive your high school years, you’ll want to take this mood booster for a spin.

9: Turn on some fun tunes.

Who cannot help but move when a fun beat comes on? It’s probably unknowingly embarrassing but who cares? As long as you’re okay with it and laughing about, then we’re all OK with it! Why? Because a fun song instantly boosts my mood. So, put in those earbuds or crank up your favorite dance song on Spotify, and I dare you not to perk up a bit!

10: Connect with your community.

It’s been alluded to throughout, but there’s nothing better than dedicating intentional time to your family or friends. Call up a pal you’ve lost touch with just to see how they are, or send an email to an older relative who’d love to hear from you. Even simply putting away your phone and listening to your kiddos’ days or your partner’s work can remind you that your presence alone is a gift to receive.

11: Go on a quick beauty-finding mission.

Give yourself five minutes and just one task: find something beautiful. It might be a dainty leaf you see, an adorable laugh you hear, a mesmerizing pattern or shadow on the sidewalk, or an entrancing song you hear. Not only will you find a few mood boosters that you enjoy, but just the act of looking for small glimpses of beauty in your surroundings will give you a happier outlook on the world around you.

12: Have fun with food.

Sure, some mornings you just can’t be bothered with breakfast and weeknights are hectic enough without a 30-minute meal on the books. But if time and resources allow, try pausing and really connecting with your hunger, asking yourself what would make you feel satiated, supported, and fill you with joy? If it’s a yogurt or grain bowl, curate a colorful mix of components that are a visual feast for the eyes. Or, if a salad’s calling your name, lean into the feeling of gratitude for having so many fresh, in-season options available. Bonus: Cook with a friend or family member, reveling in the quality time you get to spend in the kitchen.

13: Dream up your brightest future.

Vision boarding strikes the paradoxical balance of being both inspiring and relaxing. There’s nothing that fills you with more energy and appreciation for your journey than mapping out the life of your dreams. Take some time to gather magazine clippings, favorite quotes, and materials and objects that connect you with the future you want for yourself. It’s a simple practice, but one that puts you a step further along the path of transformative growth.


One thought on “13 Mood Boosters To Help You Feel Better In An Instant

  1. Hey, great read! I particularly enjoyed your in-depth discussion of journaling, since it was something I hadn’t really thought of before. Being a fellow blogger myself, I also really appreciate how organized and well-formatted everything was – it definitely made the content much more digestible overall. Keep up the awesome work!


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