Skin Looking Dull?

Here’s how to get your glow on — go beyond the medicine cabinet.

Don’t you wonder why a cloud of dense, grey fog had taken residence across your face? You realize your skin was objectively dull. And while you love a good cream blush in a pinch, you wondered how you’d lost that no-makeup glow, and how to get it back. You cue immediately turning to Google with, “how to brighten skin,” and panic-purchasing a few products that promised a turnaround.

There’s a reason radiant, bright skin implies health all-around. That cutesy phrase, glowing from the inside out…? It’s legit. Your skin is an immediate, real-time barometer of health, both externally and internally. If skin is less than radiant, you know you’ve gone off course lifestyle-wise or with your skincare regimen.

The good news is, dull skin isn’t final. You can get your glow back. Stop using bar soap, and work on mindful lifestyle changes into your daily routine that effectively put you in the front seat, you’re welcome.

Ahead, we’re diving deep to understand just what causes dull skin, and how to brighten skin naturally. Plus, stick around for a few products you can trust. Curious? Let’s get after that glow.

What does it mean to have dull skin?

You know it when you see it, right? It’s hard to pinpoint a definition for dull skin, but first paying attention to one more obvious sign. When you’re devoted to your regimen, you never feel the need to cover your skin with makeup, the moment you start reaching for that foundation, you know something is off.

Next, take inventory of your current lifestyle. It feels like most things we love cause us to damage our glow, too much wine and too little sleep are the obvious culprits.

Finally, consider an underlying cause — let’s just call this one a gut check. Sometimes our hormones are off, our liver isn’t functioning for maximum detoxification, our gut and skin microbiomes are compromised, our acid mantle has been diminished, there are often deeper root causes than simply swapping out products.

What is skin brightening?

Our definition of skin brightening is the look of actual skin health, not the fleeting look of brightening achieved through over-exfoliation. We all covet that glazed glow but it’s often gained at the expense of our skin health. Brightening is an alchemy of internal health and wisely picked topicals. In short, lasting bright skin reveals the state of your health all around, and it’s a whole lot more than slathering on a serum.

How can I brighten my dull skin?

You’re gonna love this answer. The skin is quite resilient and will respond quickly to changes we do to address brightening. Here’s how to brighten skin naturally:

  • 1. Add Chlorophyll to Your Water Bottle:
    • The very first thing that everyone can do (that is so easy) is to start adding Chlorophyll into their daily waters. It’s tasteless, easy to travel with, and is a more concentrated shot of greens than a green juice. It’s rich in vitamins K, A, C, and E and oxygenates the blood, which gives life to skin.
  • 2. Keep Your Gut in Check:
    • Remember those potential “underlying causes” mentioned above? Here is where you dig in and make adjustments — that bright skin begins in the gut, since your gut and skin microbiomes are linked through the gut skin axis. In other words, a compromised gut leads to less than glowing skin. How do you combat compromised gut health? One word: fiber.
    • Try to get a minimum of 25 grams of fiber a day. The fiber serves as a prebiotic food for the beneficial bacteria in the gut that in turn produces postbiotics that our skin loves. Fun fact — did you know that your gut produces postbiotics like hyaluronic acid? Our skin looooves that!
  • 3. Pay Attention to Your Products:
    • Topically, it is very important to make sure we are not using soaps and alkaline cleansers on our skin. This is extremely damaging to your skin’s acid mantle. When our skin is young and healthy, the surface of our skin is slightly acidic. This is what keeps barrier function intact and what keeps the skin’s microbiome alive.
    • So, it matters what you’re putting in your body and what you’re putting on your skin. From a topical perspective, the skin’s microbiome is really a key driver in skin health and brightness. It’s all about trying to keep our healthy bacteria alive and flourishing to balance out the pathogenic bacteria, aka, the kind that causes disease. If this balance is disrupted, we start to see pathogens take up too much of our skin’s real estate and this doesn’t just diminish radiance but causes all sorts of skin problems.

What natural ingredients brighten skin?

To keep your skin’s microbiome balanced, Dahlia recommends looking for products that include:

  • Postbiotic ferments.
    • The brightening powers of these ingredients are transformative.
  • Rice Water.
    • It’s not just for hair growth, it can immediately brighten skin as well.
  • Niacinamide.
    • An effective skin-brightening compound.
  • Arbutin.
    • A natural melanin suppresser that helps with dark patches and hyperpigmentation.
  • Vitamin C.
    • Look for one that is stable and highly effective, like sodium ascorbyl phosphate as opposed to straight L-ascorbic acid.

You might even consider trying a Glutathione IV drip —it’s a master antioxidant and not only does it make skin glow, but it also helps heal inflammation in the body.

Best products to brighten dull skin:

A Brightening Cleanser.

This cleanser uses zero water but instead relies on the power of rice water and postbiotics and low pH to gently clean and simultaneously brighten. This cleanser can double as a glow mask.

A Gentle Glow Mask.

This gives an immediate radiance but is still gentle, and we wouldn’t recommend doing this more than twice a week.

A Go-To Serum With All the Brightening Ingredients.

This is a watery serum that is packed with niacinamide, vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate), rice water, and postbiotics.

A “Soda” For Your Gut Health.

This looks like a soda but it’s actually a functional drink with prebiotics and a fun way to up your fiber intake, remember gut health = skin health. Each drink contains 5-6 grams of fiber.

A Homeopathic Detoxification Kit for the Liver and Kidneys.

These German-made homeopathic drops should be taken for seven days once a month to help support liver function and detoxification, directly impacting your skin’s glow.

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