The 5 Best Linen Sheet Brands to Give Your Sleep Hygiene a Serious Upgrade

Normally in your 20s, it’s hard to get good, quality sleep. Because of work and college studies, it’s understandable to stay up and get a few hours of studying in. But as you get older and you have a set lifestyle, having a nighttime routine is critical to a good night’s rest and a successful day the next. It’s time to get serious about your sleep regime this year and invest in a complete bedroom redesign complete with a custom bed base, mattress, silk eye mask, and new bedding. Here, we’ll help you create the best sleep makeover with the most comfy linen sheets, creating the perfect, zen bedroom which prioritizes and honors rest.

So, whenever you’re ready to create a z’s inducing boudoir, then read on for the best linen sheets you can buy.

The Casaluna at Target is 100% washed linen sheets and duvet look so, well, expensive. These sheets are soft and breathable—incredibly important for someone like me who tends to sleep hot. You can also swap them out with one of the brand’s other soft neutral shades for Fall.

This linen is super soft, and the color options are to-die-for. We went with the fawn duvet and white sheets—the perfect summer refresh.

Their linen sheets are made from 100% European flax so you know you’re sleeping in quality that was designed to last.

Cultiver made a silk/linen flip pillowcase and its silk maintains the high standard of their linen—soft, thick, and breathable.

Get ready to be obsessed with the Bed Threads linen set. One, because the color is gorgeous; and two, because the fabric is incredible. With every wash, the set has gotten softer, and it doesn’t feel too heavy at night. Run, don’t walk to get that Bed Threads set. Trust us!

Another Aussie brand — these linen sheets are so very soft! The oatmeal and white set is the perfect hue combination for a neutral bedroom — cozy and relaxed vibes.

After you sleep in these luxurious and heavenly linen sheets, you wouldn’t want to sleep in anything else other than linen itself. The Parachute linen sheets are lighter than air to sleep in, and the fabrics look just as good (if not better) when it’s a little disheveled.

It doesn’t get much softer than these delightful linen sheets. They’re perfectly rumpled, decadently soft, and look beautifully worn in. They’re also incredibly high quality and durable, which is a must when you have a dog that co-sleeps with you. While they’re definitely a splurge, I have never regretted the investment. These sheets are incredibly luxurious while still looking casually cool.

If you’re looking for an organic linen sheet set, then look no further than Coyuchi. This is a brand that honors quality and sustainability. Its materials are pure and minimally processed, and its products adhere to strict standards like Fair Trade USA, paying respect to the thread, the makers, and of course, you! It’s truly heaven to sleep on these sheets.

Sleep is vital for a healthy lifestyle so finding the perfect bed sheets can be quite difficult and expensive but it’s worth the time and money because sleeping comfortably leads to a more productive day.


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