Everything To Know About Bakuchiol

Retinol’s buzzy, natural alternative — the next big thing in skincare. Even for those well-versed in the world of beauty, the battle of bakuchiol versus retinol is a headline that likely hasn’t yet hit your feeds. We weren’t surprised when Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line turned out to be a whopping nine-step routine, nor were … More Everything To Know About Bakuchiol

What is Retinol?

When pressed with the best way to prevent aging skin, the answer is almost always the same: Botox and dermal filler can do wonders when administered properly, but they’re a personal choice. But what is nonnegotiable, however, is retinol. A favorite among beauty editors, the much-hyped ingredient is often touted as an anti-aging miracle worker. … More What is Retinol?