Feeds Need A Positivity Boost?

11 tips to make social media actually feel good — scroll smart. If you want someone to convince you to stop using social media, we are not your girls. We won’t tell you to delete Instagram, limit your TikTok use with a timer, or to condemn society for making it such a big part of … More Feeds Need A Positivity Boost?

10 Tips For Planning a Group Trip Without Losing Your Friends

How did you plan a trip for so many people? It’s crucial to understand the “art of gathering,” a huge inspiration for both approaching the planning of this trip and the telling of the tale. If you have a big celebration ahead, these are my top 10 tips for how to plan a group trip. … More 10 Tips For Planning a Group Trip Without Losing Your Friends

16 Gifts Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day

Because she’s worth it — welcome to your one-stop shop. A Bisquick breakfast and all the best intentions. Handprints traced and outlined courtesy of Crayola markers. Optimistic promises to treat chores as pleasures — not complaints. The consistency among these three seemingly-unrelated circumstances? They’re each a peek into the Mother’s Day gifts we’ve known and … More 16 Gifts Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day

Feeling Stuck?

Here’s how to have more fun in life, starting today. When people are playful, they sparkle. It sure says something about your personality that for the last three years, one of your New Year’s resolutions has been to “have more fun.” An intense work ethic can sometimes be at odds with your ultimate goal of … More Feeling Stuck?

Want To Improve Skin Elasticity?

Bookmark this page for game-changing professional 10 at-home tricks that don’t cost a fortune. If you haven’t watched the Netflix documentary “Social Media Dilemma,” it talks about how society is being brainwashed by social networking, and these big technology companies like Instagram, TikTok, etc., are using this to their advantage to manipulate and influence, all … More Want To Improve Skin Elasticity?

Keep Glowing With This Doctor-Approved Skincare Routine

Fine tune your cold weather lineup. There are a few surefire signs that winter has arrived — that moment you finally turn on the heat in your home or reach for a blanket to keep you warm on the sofa, and your coffee order turns into a foam, festive latté situation. One beacon that’s never … More Keep Glowing With This Doctor-Approved Skincare Routine